Post-show Buffyverse Comics

So I have annihilated Buffy season 8, 9, and am about to finish Angel+Faith Season 9.  

I’m having a REALLY hard time finding a complete chronological list of ALL the comics after BTVS wrapped.  If anyone can tip me off as to where to find a list, or what to read next, please help me.  I have a thirst.

I know there’s Willow in Wonderland or something, and one about Spike and the alien bugs, but can’t get a straight resource.

(And if any of these comics come in compilations editions, that’s even more awesome for me because that’s how I roll so please LMK.)

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This is why Buffy is incredible.

It commentates itself. It’s a very post-modern techqniue, but normally the line would end with “As long as nothing bad happens.” and BAM there’s Spike. The bad. Buffy utilises the cliche lines and is self aware of the cheesiness, making it into a joke that both the characters and the audience share. This way, such lines, that can be unavoidable when dealing with a Big Bad, are much less tacky. 

It’s best seen in ‘The Zeppo’ (S3 E13), the whole episode is from Xander’s point of view. Showing the stereotypical scenes of the show from an outside perspective without the insider detail we usually get - Every scene we get a glimpse into is a usual, stereotypical Buffy scene, which the writers are self aware of. It’s really obvious in the Buffy and Angel argument, we just slip right into this really intense argument about death and love and swelling music and it’s interrupted by Xander. It draws attention on the usual passionate, Romeo and Juliet arguments the two seem to have every episode. It is aware of that, it uses that to refresh it comically.

It’s absolutely brilliant. Keep a look out for it, it’s everywhere. 

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